Services We Offer

eLearning Platform Development

LMS Integrations with Any Application:

  • Robust web service architecture for seamless integration with any system
  • Ensuring comfort and no loss of data during integration
    WordPress + Moodle Integration:

♠ WordPress + LMS Integration

  • Single sign-on between WordPress and LMS
  • Woocommerce cart integration for selling LMS courses
  • Advantages include discounts and coupons, single sign-on, payment and invoice tracking, selling memberships and subscriptions

♠ Email Marketing (Mailchimp, Contactology) Integration

  • Integration of email marketing apps with LMS
  • Ability to send specific newsletters for courses, activities, and events
  • Individual user treatment with discount codes

♠ Payment Gateway (CCAVENUE/EBS or any) + LMS Integration

  • Multiple payment plugins for flexible course selling
  • CCAvenue and EBS integration for selling courses in India

♠ SMS Gateway Integration

  • SMS Gateway for multifactor authentication and a reminder of activities due
  • Ensuring learners are always connected to the platform

eLearning Course Development

♠ Courses with Animation and Media

  • Rich media courses featuring animations, videos, audio narrations, and step-by-step guides using screenshots and illustrations

♠ Online Course Authoring in LMS

  • Conversion of office files to courses
  • Creation of question banks, quizzes, assignments, and resource file uploads in the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Authoring course structures within the LMS based on your curriculum

♠ Image Building and Editing

  • Dedicated graphics and design team for creating new images and editing existing images

♠ Voice Over

  • Development of voice recordings in any language required

♠ Translations

  • Expert team providing accurate translations with attention to detail

♠ Responsive Design

  • All courses are fully responsive, adaptable to any device

Administrators, Instructors & Teacher Training

♠ Administrator Training

  • Comprehensive training programs to empower administrators in effectively managing the eLearning platform
  • Training on system configuration, user management, course creation, and overall platform administration
  • Ensuring administrators have the knowledge and skills to optimize the platform’s functionality

♠ Instructor Training

  • Specialized training sessions designed to equip instructors with the necessary tools to create and deliver engaging online courses
  • Training on course design, content creation, assessment methods, and interactive teaching techniques
  • Enhancing instructors’ ability to create dynamic and impactful learning experiences for students

♠ Teacher Training

  • Tailored training programs for teachers transitioning to online instruction or seeking to enhance their existing online teaching skills
  • Training on leveraging eLearning tools, virtual classroom management, student engagement strategies, and effective communication in the online learning environment
  • Empowering teachers to effectively deliver high-quality education and foster student success in the digital realm

♠ Best Practices and Pedagogical Guidance

  • Sharing industry best practices and pedagogical guidance to ensure effective online instruction
  • Guidance on creating learner-centered courses, fostering collaboration and interaction, and promoting active learning
  • Assisting administrators, instructors, and teachers in implementing effective teaching strategies to meet diverse learning needs

♠ Ongoing Support and Professional Development

  • Providing ongoing support and professional development opportunities to administrators, instructors, and teachers
  • Continuous access to resources, forums, and communities for sharing ideas, troubleshooting, and staying updated with the latest eLearning trends
  • Facilitating continuous growth and improvement in online teaching practices through workshops, webinars, and mentoring programs

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