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Boost visuals and graphics

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Visually appealing, modern UI theme

Give a feeling of modern UI, Navigation, Charts, Reports to your learners, not just stick to the core moodle theme.



Years on the market
Active Installs


Experience design at scale

Offer a familiar look and feel of your brand to learners thus reducing the sense of change and easy transition.

LMS theme design
LMS Theme- user experience

Understand your user experience

Here we follow a robust process to built the theme.

  • We try to understand your business first.
  • Then we get your style guide and if you are a first time customer with a LMS site, we define your styles, layout, branding keeping your business and product/services in mind.
  • And later with your specific requirements, the site is completed.

During this entire execution process, we may have to create certain blocks, images, illustrator files for your homepageetc.

remain responsive across devices

In today’s competitive world, a successful LMS site needs to be user friendly, intuitive and accessible across multiple devices.

Usually, this type of complete overhaul of LMS site is done for certain businesses. Say for example you run a Online Test Preparation company, so your need to course view, dashboard, reports, navigation to content and few others things will surely be different than a normal e-learning company.  So when you need this, your theme also needs to be blend perfectly with it

LMS Theme
fall in love with our theme features
LMS Theme- Real time stats

Real time stats

Get all real time stats and learning records easily for course, quiz, user level

LMS Theme- Multilingual

Multilingual & translatable

All our design supports multiple language and can be easily translated


Less plugins needed

In Moodle3.6 onwards, everything can be overridden from theme, then why create many plugins

LMS Theme- Responsive

Amazingly responsive

Run the lms in any device, our solution is completely responsive

Community builder

Your learner should feel that they are part of the learning community so you can create community of various engagement with ease

LMS Theme- user experience

Easy to use interface

User should feel home. So we overhaul the navigation, course access flow or even quiz attempt screens.

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