Payment Gateways and Shopping Cart

As you know, clearly, selling courses online is easy now.Therefore, integrate any payment gateway and also, most importantly, earn money

Various Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart

Because, Moodle is free and also open source, due to this, it is very popular to host online courses. And also, we have developed various payment mechanisms so that our customers can sell courses easily and especially, receive payments from buyers too.

Choose your payment gateway

Clearly, here are some of the market leader payment gateways. In fact, we have integrated with our shopping cart absolutely. Hence, choose any of these and get started. Moreover, using these plugins you can sell your courses easily and receive money instantly from buyer.
And along with this, buyer will be automatically enrolled in the course with out any manual intervention too.

Image Source: Various payment gateway website. The images are particularly used just for reference purpose.


First of all, you can now create your own coupon and give discounts too.

Transaction reports

Secondly, easily get all transaction reports at one place

real time invoice

Third, and finally, send real time invoices to your buyer with customised logo , messages and details also.

Payments and shopping cart why?

Sell – Single Course

Although, this is a normal feature of LMS. Therefore,, a single course is sold at a time.

Bundle of Courses

Indeed, using this plugin anybody can buy multiple courses together especially across categories too.

Coupon and Promotions

Importantly, coupons and promotions are especially, integral part of any shopping cart.Hence, you can obviously, utilise this facility in our plugin. Besides, give discounts too.

Our clients say

"LMS of India proves to be a reliable supplier of first choice for services. In particular, they created a robust LMS and Online learning platform as well as building seriously engaging elearning content too.Thus,Highly recommended"
"Actually, LMS of India made sense when they were able to provide an integration solution for our LMS to Google Checkout at a very competitive price. With Paypal's payment rates being higher than Google's and our current payment system already established in Google Checkout it didn't make sense for us to use the out of the box Paypal plugin.Besides, customer service and technical expertise LMSofIndia provided was impressive. I would recommend them and undoubtedly, continue to leverage LMSofIndia for additional services too"
Steve Schwartz
CAPM® Techinical Sales Associate at Digital Celerity
"I used LMSofIndia to help re-engineer, update and enhance our suite of vocational distance educational subjects.In fact,They were extremely professional, worked quickly but accurately, and including, very cost effective I recommend LMSofIndia for any LMS development or also administrative tasks.
Grant Beevers
Head of Learning Technologies, Study Group Australasia
" We worked with LMSofIndia to develop plugins for our online LMS. We experienced nothing but professionalism due to their proactive work ethics. Indeed, they provide excellent customer service through weekly progress reports and regular Skype calls and are very flexible to any issues regarding time differences. Additionally, services are well priced and unquestionably, they provide effective solutions at reasonable prices. Their customer-oriented approach is further shown through full technical support which is provided alongside their product. This is because, our minor technical issues were quickly and efficiently resolved.Thus, LMSofIndia is definitely easy to work with..
Dylan Rabie
General Manager at Management Consultancy International

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