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Affordable Moodle as a base framework

       To begin with, Moodle is nothing but an open source. Hence, there is no need to pay any license fee. Thus, it is a major factor why Moodle is used as base product and that too, on top of it a brand new Learning Management System product is created.

      Accordingly, our functional and also technical expertise will help you in finding the right approach and solution to make your ideas count.

      Actually, we have already developed few cutting edge products for organisation from various sectors.


  • Think and Learn Byju’s classes
  • e-gmat http://egmat.com
  • Your Licence http://yourlicence.edu.au
Product development



LMS Integrations-payments



we have developed products for

Make a next genertion product

Not just product!

Custom product development

       Moreover, the end goal of our development team is to provide you the best solution and product.However, during this process if we need to, we will even go out of the box to make it happen. Because of this, We follow stringent processes and measures to

  • High level design
  • UI prototype
  • Detailed technical design
  • Test cases
  • Various methods of testing like volume, performance
  • And many more.
LMS theme design

Integration with other systems

Being an open source, Moodle has no limit but, you can drive it the way you need to.

Actually, we have integrated Moodle along with various third-party tools and some of them are

  • WordPress – for Single-sign on
  • WordPress woocommerce also for course selling
  • Microsoft CRM for student enrollment
  • Mailchimp for regularly sending news letter to specific users
  • Including,Custom application for Student Certificate delivery

And so, we are competent to integrate your business systems to keep personnel and learner information latest.

In case, if you have any requirement of integration, let us know.

Single-Sign-On (SSO) User Authentication

Indeed, managing various user name and password can be painful. Also, organisations always look for a single sign-on feature. Therefore, we are familiar with various protocols and methods such as  oAuth, openID, SAML, HMAC protocol,  Active Directory (LDAP) configuration.

Even so, gmail, linkedin, facebook ids can also be used for authentication purpose.

LMS Theme
Corporate Clients

And consider the below functionality


Custom Reporting product

Although, any LMS is not complete with out a robust reporting mechanisms for all stakeholders be it just a student or for Head of the department.

Still, you may have your own reporting requirements which are not covered in our solution. However, we can build it for you.

Product-MOOC Learning

educational APP

Because, it’s online and available 24/7 at all devices laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, students can study whenever they want be it early morning or late at night.  In addition to this, they can check grades, communicate with peer, discuss topics. Literally, they can do everything via LMS.

Product Development

Training Card Development

In many organizations, there is a policy of having a training card available all the time for all employees. Usually ,it shows the training undertaken, hours spent, training completed, training due on a daily basis.

Therefore, our team can help you designing training card for your need.

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