Open Source LMS Training Program

As you know, to begin with, effective usage of moodle is additionally more than just creating few web pages. Hence, positively, master the moodle now by enrolling for the training program.

Who is the program for

Interestingly, we are providing Moodle training to various colleges and institutes so that, they can fully utilise the robust learning management system up to a point.



Training Institutes

Workshop Methodologies

Concepts of our program

Firstly, In this case, we concentrate more on the theory. In addition to this, on the whole, concepts of e-learning and also other details such as learner, course, role and permission too.

Case studies and Videos

Secondly, Altogether, we move to showcase some of the case studies. Besides, following videos and in short, to conclude, how our LMS is getting used.

Clarifications and Email Support

We are definitely, continuous in touch with participants in order to clarify their doubts and provide inputs also. Overall, in other words, just contact us.

Hands on in our program

In fact, in the same way, we support for hands on. Along with this, we provide a demo site so that our learners can practice even from home. Moreover, the demo site will remain active for 15 days after the completion training.

Our clients

Training program

Develop rapid deployment approach across all departments in your college

In addition to this, we help your internal IT team, Likewise Operational Team and also, student coordinators, so that you can launch Moodle in your institute as well.

Conversely, taking lot of time, our team shakes hand with you, stay in your campus for initial one week of launch so that anything can be addressed asap!! Therefore, to sum up, our goal is to help you to use technology as enabler for future education. With this in mind, in other words, be free to contact us.

In that case, sounds interesting ?

some of our training topics

basic concepts of program

First, Basics of Moodle LMS. Likewise introductional concepts.

categories and courses

Third, furthermore, create category and similarly, courses as well.

learner management

Second, along with, user management such as creation of user, manage password and also giving access etc.


Fourth, On the other hand, For example, create quizzes, lesson, books, video file, etc. Accordingly, we cover all core as well as third party activities.


Fifth, It should be noted, just as we generate course activity and user grade level reports too.

course administration

Seventh, due to complete administration of courses such as authentication and enrolment access etc.

plugins and how to utilise it

Sixth, Correspondingly, install any third party plugins and hence, utilise it to bring in new things in your portal.

site administration

Eighth, following thorough site administration starting from server checks to file upload limit increase.

roles and permission

Ninth, Particularly, including ,basics of roles, capabilities and permission too

question creation and bank

Eleventh, Specifically create various types of questions in order to make use of bank facility


Tenth, following how to change color, branding along with altogether utilising theme options

certificate and badges

Last but not the least, twelveth point. Overall considering this, we distribute certificates and even so, badges to encourage learners, proof of this, they being happy

Participating Institutes for our program-

Following are the admittedly participating Institutes for the program namely:

  1. First and foremost, BMSIT,  Dept. of E & C, Bangalore
  2. Yenepoya Institute of Technology, Mangalore
  3. Atria Institute of Technology,  Dept. of CSE, Bangalore
  4. Vidya vardhaka college of engineering,  Dept. of Mechanical Engg.,Mysore
  5. R.V. college of engineering, Dept. of EIE, Bangalore
  6. Dept. of EC, SJCIT, Chikaballapur
  7. Maharanis Science College for Women, Bangalore
  8. Dept. of Civil Engineering, RIT, Bangalore
  9. Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  10. Last but not the least, Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Frequently asked questions

Usually, we follow 2 days workshop schedule. Generally, first day we cover concepts and relations. Whereas, on second day in order to give compete training, apart from this, we give hands-on experience.

No, we do not cover any technical coding in these workshops. But Nevertheless, interestingly, in order to cover every aspect, the fact that positively, we have separate workshop for this.Thus, As a result, in this training we cover mostly the administrative and teaching staff correspondingly.

Of course, Yes, in that case, we obviously provide demo portal for hands-on and on the other hand, practice for 15 days

Actually no, there is no formal certificate provided.

In most cases, we provide clarification and email support. Above all, even after completion of trainings just in case you have doubts later.

Our clients say

"LMS of India proves to be a reliable supplier of first choice for services. In particular, they created a robust LMS and Online learning platform as well as building seriously engaging elearning content too.Thus,Highly recommended"
Allan Fowler
Founder and CEO (Your Licence Private Limited)
Actually, LMS of India made sense when they were able to provide an integration solution for our LMS to Google Checkout at a very competitive price. With Paypal's payment rates being higher than Google's and our current payment system already established in Google Checkout it didn't make sense for us to use the out of the box Paypal plugin.Besides, customer service and technical expertise LMSofIndia provided was impressive. I would recommend them and undoubtedly, continue to leverage LMSofIndia for additional services too"
Steve Schwartz
CAPM® Techinical Sales Associate at Digital Celerity
"I used LMSofIndia to help re-engineer, update and enhance our suite of vocational distance educational subjects.In fact,They were extremely professional, worked quickly but accurately, and including, very cost effective I recommend LMSofIndia for any LMS development or also administrative tasks."
Grant Beevers
Head of Learning Technologies, Study Group Australasia
" We worked with LMSofIndia to develop plugins for our online LMS. We experienced nothing but professionalism due to their proactive work ethics. Indeed, they provide excellent customer service through weekly progress reports and regular Skype calls and are very flexible to any issues regarding time differences. Additionally, services are well priced and unquestionably, they provide effective solutions at reasonable prices. Their customer-oriented approach is further shown through full technical support which is provided alongside their product. This is because, our minor technical issues were quickly and efficiently resolved.Thus, LMSofIndia is definitely easy to work with."
Dylan Rabie
General Manager at Management Consultancy International

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