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We usually develop any type of plugins in LMS. For instance,  can be theme, local plugins, authentications, enrolments and reports. Subsequently, it is even for day to day easy site operations.

Have an idea , bring it to reality

    Our team is expert in creating a range of Moodle Themes and Moodle Plugins. Apart from this, if you have any requirements or idea about building a new functionality, just call us. We provide the best quote and indeed, we shall deliver the best quality.


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Clearly, it is Domain and hosting configuration including, the site security provisioning.


Basically, move your LMS courses and it's content to the cloud.


Branding and LMS site design so that it is responsive on every device.


Train your key staff and also administrators to get the most from your LMS.


Obviously, plugin installation also, so that your site does everything you need.


Make your content absolutely dynamic, interactive and vibrant as possible

Some of our plugins

  • WordPress and Moodle Single Sign-on – This helps in registration of users in wordpress and along with this, it simply switches over to Moodle on click of a button. Thus, is a single sign-on.
  • Woocommerce and Moodle –Particularly, you can make all course selling pages in wordpresss or woocommerce and once users buy any course, they will be automatically enrolled in the corresponding course in Moodle..
  • Newsletter– Here, admins or tutors are able create weekly/monthly/quarterly newsletter with Moodle system, which is delivered in the inbox of users
  • Paypal Coupon Plugin –  Not only does this plugin helps you to create as many coupons as you need for any number of courses but also, offers discounts to your students.
  • Question Tags –   The question tags plugin creates questions in Moodle, which especially allows you to tag it with various attributes. Also, it is useful for reporting and analysis of performance.
  • Custom Alerts –  Over here, administrators and tutors pick their own set of criterion and schedule an automated alerts to students. For example, send a customised message in the mailbox of students if they have not logged in for last 3 days. Importantly, there are various criterion that can be use
Training program

Recommended and Highest Rated Plugins for Moodle

Definitely, the description of the plugins are taken straight from the official download page

  • Progress Block – Firstly, a time management tool for you and your students of course.
  • Dialogue  – Undoubtedly, module allows students or teachers to start two-way dialogues with another person. Although, the official line is that this functionality has been replaced by the Messaging system, some users still find it useful as it will be an actual activity in your course..
  • Certificate – Note that, the module allows for the dynamic generation of certificates based on predefined conditions set by the teacher.
  • Face-to-face –  Face-to-face activities to keep track of in-person (e.g. classroom) trainings which require advance booking. Each activity is offered in one or more identical sessions. These sessions can be given over multiple days. Reminder messages are sent to users and their managers a few days before the session is scheduled to start. Confirmation messages are sent when users sign-up for a session or cancel. Additionally, the module may be of interest to administrators looking for a way to provide event management support for blended learning environments.
  • Quickmail Block. Finally, it is a block that provides selective, bulk emailing within courses. Developed by LSU.


     Interestingly, you may add a variety of different types of questions in the Quiz and Lesson modules. In fact, this page is about Quiz module question types and moreover, some will be similar to Lesson questions types, that are fewer in number and function differently. Anyway, the standard quiz question types are listed below with brief descriptions. Therefore, please use the links on the right side of this page to find more detailed information about standard questions types.

SMS Gateway

     Importantly, we want the learners be connected to the platform. Hence, we have integrated SMS Gateway for multi-factor authentication and additionally, even for reminder of due activities.

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