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When almost everyday new technologies are emerging for various industries, it is undoubtedly a must to give your workforce various solutions to efficient tools to upgrade their knowledge, especially skills and competencies. 

Solutions with nextgen features

     Nowadays, in modern times, Learning and Development for any corporate is no longer a back seat. Indeed many organisations have realised that it is not only needed to perform and excel in day to day jobs but also bring innovative ideas. Moreover, we always deliver something new and also innovative for your own customer.


      A Learning Management System should allow the company to easily generate training reports on an overall. Interestingly, there should be provision of real time employee level reports for Human Resource department. Anyway, this helps in defining the next level of training for employee, guiding the corporate employee in achieving the goal and in finding out where the employee is lacking.

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LMS tracking and reporting solutions


    Every organisation has its own processes and approach of learning. In fact, Moodle is completely open-source and so, in addition, it helps in bending the LMS, they way organisations’ need besides their requirements.

    Above all, this is one of the prime factor why it is good as LMS.

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Certificates and compliance solutions

Importantly, to distribute digitally signed certificate and even so be compliant always.

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LMS Theme
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LMS Theme- Real time stats

Save cost

Firstly, an organisation always looks for something which can optimise training including expenditure and all other learning resources / modules. Therefore, It is Open-source , so you do not have to carry the burden of license fee.

LMS Theme- Multilingual

Multilingual & translatable

Apart from this, LMS supports multilingual interface and you can customise with your own translations


Reminders and notifications

It is noted that, Our LMS solutions, is has a notification mechanism which you can control, when to send a RED alert to employees and his/her boss. Also, you can set up various alerts and even reminders so that employees get intimations in real time to work on those. Or as well as, a congratulations mail can inspire for the next training

LMS Theme- Responsive

Amazingly responsive

Unquestionably, you can access anytime with any device. In fact, our solution is fully responsive and can work in any device.

Community builder

Solutions must be an area, where there is no boundary for collaboration and share. In addition to this, it should be equipped with Forum, Discussion, Chat, QnA, Peer Learning, Evaluation. Therefore, no lack of any avenues to reach to your employee.

LMS Theme- user experience

Easy to use interface

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Product-MOOC Learning


With our LMS, which is an open source software, you really don’t pay for any licenses. Actually, not just software but also institution saves big chunk of money using a paperless system .

And moreover, we should not forget about the time saved by Tutors as LMS can obviously provide immediate results and feedback for assignments, quizzes etc.


Eventually, knowing it’s online, and available 24/7 at all devices laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, students can study whenever they want be it early morning or late at night. Students can especially check grades, communicate with peer, discuss topics. Literally, they can do everything via LMS.

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Lastly, our LMS has various features like forum, discussion, chat, groups and also peer review so that there are end less possibilities to collaborate not only with peer students but also tutors, experts.

Unquestionably, this makes LMS more appealing

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