Annual LMS Support and Maintenance

    Here, our Support team will ensure that you utilise 100% of LMS features .Also, we will provide best support and optimum performance.

Who is it for

 We provide Moodle administrative support to various organisations including colleges and institutes. Due to this, you can fully utilise the robust learning management system. Hence, concentrate on your core business. In this case, we can take care of your day to day operations.




Focus on your core business

And let us take all the responsibility to run your learning systems 24/7.

Some of Our Clients

Why support ?

Best practices to maximze the usage

    We share best practices from the industry and make changes based on it that so that your learners can adopt quickly.

Up time

    Because our experts are always available 24/7, we not only ensure smooth, but also fast running of your application.

Faster turn around

    You get rapid solution for any issues like technical errors or performance of server etc. because we have a skilled team.

High performance and speed

     While, we ensure there is no issue like speed, disc size including bandwidth users have seamless experience of learning.


     Does your vendor have any idea about your business and how you use LMS? Are you locked into a long-term contract and only hear from your vendor – magically – at renewal time? Have you experienced any mergers that you don’t know the name of your LMS vendor or your contact anymore? 

     Moreover, do you have questions or malfunctions to get your vendor on the phone? Apart from this, do you need any personalised help?

     We have the answer to your problem – a hosted learning management implementation especially along with the technical/functional support.  

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Product development


    Our work does not end by providing an LMS solution. Our team  ensures 100% performance result from your LMS site. In addition to this, issues that need any support are handled by our support ticketing system. Also, we can help for a smooth and fast experience of learners. 

      In fact, we work as back office of various organisations and universities. Therefore, LMS course is ready to upload or help any student in urgency. Consequently, we are always there to support you and help you.

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    Furthermore ,if you need any kind of administrative support, we are here to help. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • Frontpage and navigation settings
  • Server and site policies
  • Enable/Disable of blocks and modules
  • Manage Conditional activities and completion tracking
  • Certificate features
  • Feedback and questionnaire
  • Automated backup 
  • Video and heavy volume content management
  • Theme configuration
  • LDAP and authentication, enrolment

Apart from this, our expert team is capable of handling not only course administration but site administration and server administration too.

  • Domain and DNS configuration
  • Help using Content Delivery Network(CDN)
  • SSL certificate 
  • Patches, installing new modules
  • Technical troubleshooting of Moodle environment
  • LMS database administration
  • Performance monitoring
  • Data backup
Despite this, any other task that are needed.
  • Create custom role assign capabilities
  • Setting up configuring groups
  • Upload course material including score, questions and videos
  • Enabling language packs and update language strings
  • Installation and configuration of plugins
  • Setting up reminders likewise emails
  • Accessing reports
  • Custom certificate including logos, signatures
  • New reports using configurable report plugin

Above all, our team is familiar with every how-to possible in LMS. Besides this, we will share you the steps to do it.

  • Simulation of issues without downtime
  • Bug tracking and escalations for LMS
  • Regular communication on progress and solution. 
  • However, we follow certain procedure to resolve the issue without impacting learners. Hence, once it is fixed, we will give the details of cause of the issue and similarly giving precautions.

Thus, we have a dedicated team for LMS issues and also server issues.

  • Currently, our expert support is available from 6:00AM to 9:00PM IST (Monday to Friday).
  • In some cases, we are available on Saturdays and weekends too.
  • Incase , due to severe issues like server being down , we are available 24/7 and begin analysis to resolve the issue immediately.

Need to talk? Call Us: +91 (0) 991 666 2080