LMS Reports and Analytics

Reports that help to take decision

Why a separate LMS reporting – myAnalytics

It is data that gives us the direction of future.

Every organisation be it Enterprise, University or even a Online Course selling company, generates huge volume of data every day. It is very essential to understand those data so that a right decision can be taken by every stakeholder be it the learner, tutor or even the administrator.

For example, Head of Learning and Development department, wants a report every morning to see how training of mandatory courses are progressing… or even department heads want to see a specific technology course is moving as the live projects are coming soon.

So it is necessity to represent volume of data into words.

Check how data gives future path in Training decision
We help you understand and explore the options available to you.
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myAnalytics – Introduction

There are few cloud based paid solutions available , but all charges based on number of users and reports.

However we believe that take out lot of liberty from you. So we have decided to do it in much scallable and without any restriction for you.

Our plugin is a local plugin for LMS. It provides rich and clean UI interface. For better performance myAnalytics provide minimum required of database transaction/query as it will collect data from caches.

Icing on the cake is our ‘Favorites’ section, which helps to save all your most frequently used reports with all filters intact. And later access it by just clicking on it

And then we have also given functionality to export data in different formats excels, csv, pdf, text etc.

Report Levels

There are various level of reports with charts you can generate, some of them are listed below

  • Site level
  • Course level
  • Activity level within a course
  • Consolidated at User level
  • Completion reports consolidated across all courses for a user
  • Completion reports consolidated at a single course
  • For a particular user within a particular course
  • For a particular course with all users

Example of Site Overview Reports

Just to give you how detailed our every report is, here is some of the points that have covered in Site Overview Reports.

In site overview page we have total nine section each section have different reports.

  1. User based on number of course enrollment
  2. Courses based on number of user enrollment.
  3. Number of courses
    • New courses created in last 30 days
    • Not publish courses
    • Most popular course
  4. Number of learners
    • Active learners
    • Not confirmed
    • Number of new signup for last 30 days
  5. Number of tutors
    • Number of active tutors
    • Most active tutor
    • Most popular tutor
  6. Unique logins – date chart
  7. Top 5 courses
  8. Top 5 users
  9. Course enroll & completion details

Some of the images

myAnalytics Images

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