LMS Payment Gateways and Shopping Cart

Selling courses online is easy now...Integrate any payment gateway and earn money

Various Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart

Since Moodle is free and open source, it is very popular to host online courses. So we have developed various payment mechanisms so that our customers can sell courses easily and receive payments from buyers.

We offer a range of payment gateway and means of accepting money from your buyer.

For India market we have

  • PayuMoney
  • CCAvenue
  • EBS


All of this is Moodle standard plugin and works for Moodle2.4 and above.

Along with this, we have developed various plugins so that

  1. You can sell a single course
  2. You can sell bundle of courses together
  3. Take Onetime/Monthly subscription fees

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More details of EBS can be viewed in




More details can be seen




More details can be seen


Using these plugins you can sell your courses easily and receive money instantly from buyer. And buyer will be automatically enrolled in the course with out any manual intervention.

Along with this, buyer as well administrator of the site will get a soft copy of the complete invoice….

Sell – Single Course

This is a normal feature of LMS. Using this a single course is sold at a time.

Bundle of Courses

Using this plugin you create different types of course bundle to sell.

For example, say you have 10 courses in various categories. And you want to create your own package of pre-selected courses and then sell it off.

This awesome plugin will allow you to do that.

And when user buys the package, he/she will be automatically enrolled in all the course in the package..

One time payment / Recurring Subscription Packages

Using this plugin, you can offer One time payment for all or some of your courses.

Basically this is used to sell subscription packages. Using our plugin you can create specific subscription pages by giving

  • Duration of enrolment
  • Cost
  • Recurring (if your payment gateway supports)
  • Courses which will be given access for

And when user sees your Pricing table, for Onetime or Monthly or Annual subscription, he/she can do the online payment.

So you can simply relax with your coffee see your money coming to your account!!