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Corporate MOOC and University MOOC

One stop cloud solution to upload your courses and invite learners. You can receive payments as well. Did I say, you can promote your pages via various social platforms? Ohh.. don’t forget to conduct assessment and certify your learners…

Sorry I did not mention that, you can have a discussion, forum, chat, even live classes..

Looking for an in-house version to install and maintain on your own server. Just let us know…

Essential features

Cloud Based
Cloud Based

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Users

Managed Support
Managed Support


Experience the power of Massive Open Online Course – MOOC

A new paradigm of education for anyone, anywhere, anytime. It came up with numerous opportunities both for students as well as teachers. A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an interactive step-by-step course aimed at reaching an unlimited number of participants worldwide to create a community of lifelong learners.


Building a MOOC Platform has never been easier.

What is eduopen?

The EduOpenLMS project, developed and mantained by LMSofIndia in collaboration with EDUNOVA and the Eduopen partners, has the goal to add some features and functionality to a standard LMS instance.

A main goal has been to NOT to change or modify the core LMS code but to develop some add-ons to extend it to meet the requirements for MOOCs and Blended courses.

It has all the features of a full fledged MOOC platform like , or

  • Eduopen theme: a new theme to show courses in an immediate and fancy way. The theme include the home page, course search page, course details page, pathway page, institution page, …;
  • Institution : to manage and publish Institution pages;
  • Pathway : to manage group of related courses (Pathways);
  • FAQ : to manage FAQs at different levels (courses, pathways, site);
  • Payment : to manage payments and enrollments for Certificates and Credits;
  • Responsive ready
  • Search page: to effectively search courses respect to: payments, languages, categories, institutions, pathways, ….);
  • Extra Settings for Courses: to add some features at course level
  • Simplified course format;
  • Learning Analytics

Features & Highlights

Apart from the presentation of courses, it has extensive feature of collaboration using Forum, Discussion, Chat and even Live classes.

And robust mechanism of creation examination form, receiving payment at various level during the course. Not only that, it also helps tutors, faculties, coordinators to send regular alerts and notifications to learners.

And at end, deliver customized authenticated certificate to learner for future use during job interviews etc.


In modern times, smaller devices for learning can’t be ignored any more. So we have made our MOOC platform completely responsive using Bootstrap design and usability. Many improvements have been made all through the interface so that learners never feel cut off and can learn whenever they want, where ever they are using Mobile, Tablet or any smaller devices.


(If you want to have a MOOC platform, you have to choose a new name. eduopen is already taken by our another customer)

Some Key Features

Grouped Courses or Pathways

Our MOOC platform can offer specialized courses be it industry specific, job oriented or just for your hobbies. You can even group few courses and deliver. We call it PATHWAY

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Unlimited Institute

You can bring best of the colleges on-board and ask them to offer courses in this platform.

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Multiple Languages

Our platform supports many languages. You can enjoy the course with your preferred language if it is built.

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Easy Filter

It has a very intuitive filter

  • Institution
  • Pathway
  • Recognization (Master Degree, Advance Degree)
  • Type (Online, Blended)
  • Level (Beginner, Advance, Master)
  • Language (English, Spanish..)
  • Certificates
  • Verified Certificate
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have provision of putting unlimited FAQs at various level. Be it at system, course, activity, learner, faculties. Every element can be explained with images and details for new comer.

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Verified Certificates

Using our platform, you can deliver certificates of various nature. For example for Beginner level, Advance level or say Certificate just for attendance etc. Best part is those can be shared in various social platform.

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  • LMS 2x and above
  • Responsive Theme
  • Blocks
  • Modules
  • Other plugins
  • Filters
  • Course Format
  • Payments
  • Notification