You can do more with distance education in a blended learning approach

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A new generation of LMS has arrived! No longer has the ‘boring software’ it used to be, LMS undergone a revolution alongside the explosion of SaaS, social collaboration and big data tools. Finally, the ability to create an effective, efficient and yes, even fun, learning environment is within your reach!

The new generation LMS will focus on the powerful new tools and capabilities to help you maximize the impact of your learning and training programs. We’ve built this program for an in-depth look at the most important, most transformative and coolest new parts of the LMS toolkit

LMS helps teachers to create a blended learning experience for all learners by using both classroom as well as online component. These online component can also be used by parents to guide, teach and track from home. LMS by virtue is web based so it is available 24/7 for everybody.

Top benefits you can’t ignore

Saving money and time

Saving money and time

With our LMS, which is an open source software, you really don’t pay for any licenses. Not just software, institution saves big chunk of money using a paperless system .

And we should not forget about the time saved by Tutors as LMS can provide immediate results and feedback for assignments, quizzes etc.

Convenience and flexibility

Convenience and flexibility

Because it’s online, and available 24/7 at all devices laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, students can study whenever they want be it early morning or late at night. They can check grades, communicate with peer, discuss topics. Literally they can do everything via LMS.

Engagement and Collaboration

Engagement and Collaboration

Our LMS has various features like forum, discussion, chat, groups, peer review so there are end less possibilities to collaborate not only with peer students but also tutors, experts.

This makes LMS more appealing
Watch our session on how to make most of LMS in instituition like environment
Watch a video or download a pdf of approach, list of plugins for your instituion.
Education institutions can thrive with blended learning approach.
Want to know what we can do for you, let us know. We have expert team who had run several institution and now helps us designing LMS for schools.

“I used the team from LMSofIndia to help re-engineer, update and enhance our suite of vocational distance educational subjects. They were extremely professional, worked quickly but accurately, and were very cost effective in relation to other resources available to me at the time in Australia. I recommend LMSofIndia for any LMS development or administration tasks.”

Dylan Rabie | Head of Learning Technologies, Study Group Australasia.