LMS theme design

visually appealing, high performance elearning website


We have a team of most talented and experienced designers who create a LMS theme exactly in the way your business requires. We can work closely with you to create a theme design which incorporates your eLearning goals and mission statement and represents your brand and company ideology.

We offer a range of theme design services to suit your budgets and requirements.

Once you provide your logos, branding texts and colour scheme, our designers create few prototypes of look and feel of your LMS learning platform.

Our team define the structure, layout, navigation, footer and how users navigate to your content with help from you.  And once you choose your final selection, our technical team starts the work. All of our themes very manageable by administrator.

Select a customised LMS theme, when you want to…

Enrich learner experience

Enrich learner experience

Offer a familiar look and feel of your brand to learners thus reducing the sense of change and easy transition.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Reduce cost of development from scratch but all features intact for Admin, Faculties and Learners.

Manage easily

Manage easily

Management by administrator should be easy and fun so that in future you can change those whenever you need.

We have Three LMS Themes for your to Choose from: Basic, Configurable or Custom!

LMS website theme customization – Basic

This type of theme is like a fast-food. These themes can be quickly and easily changed including logos, text colors, link colors colors and block background colors.  They are mobile optimized and uses a responsive design to work across different device sizes.

Bespoke LMS theme design

Here we follow a robust process to built the theme.

  • We try to understand your business first.
  • Then we get your style guide and if you are a first time customer with a LMS site, we define your styles, layout, branding keeping your business and product/services in mind.
  • And later with your specific requirements, the site is completed.

During this entire execution process, we may have to create certain blocks, images, illustrator files for your homepage etc.

Extensive customization – For specific business

In today’s competitive world, a successful LMS site needs to be user friendly, intuitive and accessible across multiple devices.

Usually, this type of complete overhaul of LMS site is done for certain businesses. Say for example you run a Online Test Preparation company, so your need to course view, dashboard, reports, navigation to content and few others things will surely be different than a normal e-learning company.  So when you need this, your theme also needs to be blend perfectly with it. Here usually the percentage of customization in various things ranges from

Course Format