LMS integrations

We have dedicated team to do various integration.


Single sign on between wordpress and moodle. Woocommerce cart integration so that you can sell the LMS courses via woocommerce.

It has various advantages such as

  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Single Sign-on
  • Payment and Invoice tracking.
  • Selling membership and subscriptions.

Newsletter (Mailchimp, Contactology) + Moodle

For every business being in touch with customers is very important and need of the hour. That is why LMS of India, has created various plugins to integrate newsletter sending apps with moodle for example mailchimp.
Now you can send specific newsletter

  • For a specific course
  • For a specific activity
  • For a specific event

Or even treat an individual user specially giving some discount code.

CCAvenue/EBS or Any Payment Gateway + Moodle

Don’t restrict yourself with just one plugin to sell your courses, have few payment plugins to offer more flexibility to your users.
We have integrated CCAvenue, EBS for selling courses in India for many clients.

Steps for successfull LMS integration

  • Site setup & security

    Domain and hosting configuration with site security provisioning.

  • Design & Theme Selection

    Branding and LMS site design so it is responsive on every device.

  • Plugins & Features

    Plugin installation so your site does everything you need.

  • Server Migration

    Move your LMS courses and content to the cloud.

  • Training & Support

    Train your key staff and administrators to get the most from your LMS.

“I used the team from LMSofIndia to help re-engineer, update and enhance our suite of vocational distance educational subjects. They were extremely professional, worked quickly but accurately, and were very cost effective in relation to other resources available to me at the time in Australia. I recommend LMSofIndia for any LMS development or administration tasks.”

Dylan Rabie | Head of Learning Technologies, Study Group Australasia.