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Are you looking for some engaging courses to be used for your organization. These courses can also be uploaded into any LMS as well. Each course module offers comprehensive training that mirror the classroom – users learn through a combination of  lectures,  demonstrations, simulations and assessments .All courses are delivered as scorm and for you to download. Why wait, check out partner’s page here   eLearning Library

Course content features..

  • Access to all the courses to use on your site or Learning Management System.
  • The courses in SCORM and PDF formats.
  • Source files to customize the courses to your needs.
  • New courses released daily
  • Revisions and updates to existing courses
  • Support and promotional materials to go with your courses
  • A support community to share ideas and learn.

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Why a mobile learning is important..

Me-March-2006The widespread use of smartphone and revolutionary developments in technology have made mLearning the talk of the training world.

  • Growing mobile workforce
  • Doing more in less time
  • Changing behavior of staff

You can buy these courses Individually!!

Looking to buy in bulk for your organization..

List of our course library

You get

  • SCORM format and pdf format
  • All source files for future modifications
  • Any updates to these courses are free for you
  • On-demand change of voice over
  • If you have Learning Platform of your own, a free upload of all courses

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