Freshbooks enrollment plugin for Moodle

Moodle core comes with various enrollment plugin such as paypal etc.

But lately lot of customers were requesting us to build a solution to integrate the payment system with an invoicing application such as “Freshbook”. So here you go. Freshbook has a fantastic api documentation. We used those and created a plugin using with you can sell your courses online.

Flow – the flow is very simple and we did not deviate it from standard moodle. A user comes to your site, click on a course, and they see the page with details of pricing and see a button, on clicking of which an invoice will be sent from Freshbook.

This invoice has links to do the payment and the moment payment is successful, the user will be enrolled in the desired course automatically.

This is having lot of advantages over other payment system, the best one is an integrated invoicing system. It is easy for merchant as well to manage accounting and do the follow ups.

Have a look on how it works.

(NOTE – image used in this blog is copyrighted to respective organization. They are used here just for the ease of explanation).

Install Freshbooks plugins in your moodle site.

Go to Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins


After enabling     click on setting link it will show freshbooks setting page where we can put freshbooks user credentials. Shown in below image.


After filling user credentials we need go any course where we will set freshbooks enrollment plugin.


Goto Course administration > Users  click Enrolment methods. In below page we have a select box where you need to  select freshbooks it will show Freshbooks instance page.Show in below image.


After select Freshbooks method it will show Freshbooks enrol instance page, shown in below image. Here you can  create your freshbook instance for course as per your requirements.


After filling this form the freshbooks enrollment method is added to the course. On enrollment of this course the following page appears.


In above image you can see we have “Send payment via Freshbook” button after clicking this button you will get email where you can start payment for this course after payment is completed, the next time user logged in then they will be automatically enrolled in the course.

Use our Freshbooks plugin for a seamless experience and course selling!!

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