Paypal Promotion / Coupon code for lms – new version

Since our older version of Paypal Promo Block have got a huge response from the community so we have come up with a newer version of this block.

In this new version you can,

Create promotions for a particular course and for a particular paypal instance with in the course. For example, say your best selling course is “Fire Safety”. Now you want to create few payment options based on duration of access etc.

  1. So you add a paypal instance (say of USD100) for 10 days access – say PAY10
  2. And you add another paypal instance (say USD200) for 20 days acess. – say PAY20


In our earlier version of the plugin, there was no provision of creating separate promotion codes for each instance. Now you can. So you can create as many promotion codes as you want for PAY10 as well as PAY20.


Now for others, here is basic details of our Paypal Promo Block.

Usage Guide for Paypal Promo


You have to first add the block in standard manner.

Now you can create the promo, add the paypal promo block in the front page


If you click on view promo, you will see all existing promo


From this screen, you can add promotions and generate a complete report on who had used which promotion code and transaction id of paypal for future reference.

Click on ‘Add New Promo’.

Now you will get to select a particular category/then courses and then a particular paypal instance so that this promocode will be valid only for that instance

You can specify Start Date, End Date, how many times it can be used, active/inactive details as well.


The terms are quite self-explanatory. This promotion code will work only within the START and END DATE and if it is ACTIVE


Or you can view existing promo as well



As you can see we have created a promo promo1 and discount % is 80.

Now as a student, I click on the course name and see this below screen


I put up the promo code and click on ‘Apply Promo Code’ then I will see that Total value is changed.


In case of wrong promo code, user will see message as “Please put a valid, promo code”


And in case , any coupon is of 100% discount,

Please note in this case, it will bypass the paypal payment and make the user enroll directly. This is because paypal does not allow 0 payment


Best part is, it a Moodle standard block and it is multi-lingual.


Why wait, contact us at to have it for your site.


Note: Subscription based paypal plugin is on its way soon. we are building a plugin where you can create

a) Package of courses and then sell it together

b) You will have provision to sell like Monthly, Weekly, Daily subscription packages.

Logos/Images used in this post taken from paypal sites

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