Designing Effective and Interesting eLearning Modules with Articulate

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A well crafted eLearning course enables users to learn on the go.

For course developers, choosing the right software is half the battle won. Providing an effective learning experience for a particular topic, software or soft skills requires much more. Articulate is the Holy Grail for course creators whether it’s PowerPoint presentations using Studio or interactive website courses and training sessions using Storyline.

You may be currently using different techniques at your disposal from screencasts, podcasts, videos, tutor based sessions and text files to create your courseware. To make them user friendly, you need to add interactive sessions and simulation tests in the modules. This gets the learners actively involved, deepens this involvement, and gets them immersed in the content.

An experienced team of designers, researchers and course creators give you a head start in this direction, especially, when you use the services a company like MoodleofIndia that specializes in LMS and everything related to it. The team at MOI has created a series of course ideas for a variety of subjects ranging from software to health for different clients.

Using Articulate software enabled us to come up with courses that cater to three tiers of learning:

  • Show – tell them how to do it
  • Simulate – allow them to try it
  • Assess  – encourage them to try it on their own

Let’s look at some of these courses and the design process behind them.

Elearning online is one such client for whom the team has designed an array of paid and free courses. An overview of the  topics and related videos demonstrate how an expert developer can mould the Articulate software to create attractive and useful student friendly courses.

We created two types of online courses – self learning and instructor led eLearning Modules with Articulate

The self learning courses cover a wide gamut of subject from SAP ABAP to Big Data Hadoop and Project Management. Some of these  are designed as a classroom training program allowing for live sessions with an instructor.

Introduction PMI

PMP Certification Exam Module provides enrolled students with information on the certification, eligibility criteria, exam application processs and details on the test format of the test. We made good use of graphics, bullet points, and images to create an attractive presentation.

The Qlik View Developer Training was created as a 30 hour study program with access to a course instructor. This course gives an overview of a Qlik project and how companies, specifically their IT department, can use this business intelligence platform to analyse data. The course makes use of slides with a good mix of text and graphics to provide succinct information to learners while ensuring they aren’t bored with the content.

The Business Analysis course was developed for both self learning and instructor led training.  Users enrolling in this course will notice the streamlined structure of the lesson module which lends itself to a better learning experience. The videos and screencasts make good use of graphics and charts to drive the point. In addition to theoretical learning material, we incorporated practical applications such as case studies and assessment processes in the form of project tests.

The Healthcare IT Domain Online Course on the other hand deals with policies, legal and compliance angles as related to healthcare. The team designed the course to enable learners to understand the various concepts and arm them with knowledge on international changes in healthcare. We provided easy navigation options and used visuals and charts to break up the flow of text. Since the instructional materials were technical and complex, we coordinated with the tutors to come up with a course that combined basic content with real life applications and case studies. The course design succeeded in providing a cohesive and consistent layout.

Frontline Diagnostics, a NATA accredited organisation, provides solutions for businesses in Australia to monitor drug and alcohol usage in the workplace. The client required videos modules for recruitment of field collection officers (FCO). A simple, interactive quiz was added to provide instant feedback on the test taker’s knowledge base and eligibility for the job. havea look at the video.

Recruitment Module


eaIQ, another Australian client, offers online workforce management tools, especially related to job evaluation, job and organization analysis and internal relativity. They asked us to come up with an introductory video of the company and their products.

eaIQ   Job Tools

This video module provides information to their customers – a variety of businesses – on their job tools.


The videos are created in Articualte and use a good mix of text, image and interactive menus.

This is a small sampling of our work using Articulate authoring tools. Our team at MoodleofIndia has created over 300 qualifications related modules for one of the biggest RTOs in Australia.

Stay tuned for specific details on our work on these application modules.

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