A Unique Coupon and Promotion Plugin for LMS and PayPal

Coupon plugin for Moodle Pay1Pal

LMS has all the features required in an efficient and scalable eLearning system, including the ability to monetize your courses. Businesses and individuals have numerous options for integrating subscription modules and paid courses with PayPal, Stripe, PayU and other third party payment gateways. Adding shopping carts such as Shopify, Woo Commerce and UberCart to your Moodle site is easy with various applications and plugins created by developers.

While you can establish a payment system and set up a shopping cart with relative ease, your business needs something more to convert leads to actual sales.

As a course developer who markets newer products or seeks customer conversion, you require a system that enables you to sell content modules at a lower price than usual; for specific time periods, lessons or training sessions.

Coupons and promotion codes aid in boosting sales of your paid course created or membership subscriptions. When you generate coupons through your LMS system, the end-user can avail of discounts ranging from 5% to deep discounts of over 50%, for single or multiple courses.

You can also customize promo codes as free subscriptions to limited lessons or create separate discount codes as one-time offers to new enrollees.

At LmsofIndia, we design and develop plugins for specific customer requirements. Our coupon and promo code plugin is one such innovative functionality built for PayPal – the default gateway in the  LMS.

This plugin has two components:

  1. Creation of coupons or promotion codes
  2. Distribution of coupons and codes to users or clients of paid courses or subscriptions

While this particular plugin, built for a specific client, is integrated with PaypPal, the functionality can be customized and adapted to any payment gateway on your website.

This mini tutorial looks at the various menus available to you and your customer.

Once you have installed the plugin into your LMS system, you can easily create coupons and promo codes.

Business view

Add Block on the home page

Post installation, the first step is to add the Block on your homepage. Once you’ve added it, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one below.

 Promo Menu Moodle

There are various options available in the Block. You can add a new promo, upload promos or view an existing promo.

Let’s explore these menu options:

Add a new Promo

When you choose the “add a new promo” option, you reach this page –

add coupon moodle

You can play around with various elements offered in the New Promo page. Select the percentage of discount, specify the type of use and the number of uses allowed, and create a start and end date for the promotion.

EDIT a Promo

Choosing this  menu option opens up this screen-

edit discount code moodle

If you want to make changes to an existing promo or an inactive promo, you have various tabs at your disposal, including discount percentages, start and end dates, single or multiple uses and the number of uses. You can specify whether a particular code needs to be activated or not.

VIEW A PROMO – Reports

To view promo codes – active and inactive, go to the “view a promo menu”. You will be directed to this page :

report discount code moodle

Information on all  your coupon codes is collated and presented as a report. You can use this menu to edit or delete a particular code.


Another important function available is the creation of a large number of discount codes. With this link, you can upload multiple promo codes contained in a CSV file.

Csv promo upload moodle


End-user/customer view –

When you customer or client enrolls for a paid course or subscribes to modules, they will be taken to this payment page on PayPal.

coupon paypal moodle

They can enter the promo or coupon code details provided by you and get the required discount.


Make use of this strategy and our coupon and promotion plugin for LMS to attract customers to your paid courses.

Help your buyers save money and get your cash registers ringing!

If you are interested in this feature and would like to incorporate it with a payment gateway other than PayPal, get in touch with us.  Contact us at mihir@lmsofindia.com or call us at 91-9916650872 . We will develop a customized and suitable coupon plugin for your LMS site.


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