ReadSpeaker Block for moodle


Recently, while doing a customised implementation for one of our Australian client, we came across a block called ‘Readspeaker’.

SO what is it .. and in their website it says

“The docReader service from ReadSpeaker is plugin-free, and works across the wide variety of document types found online, including PDFs. Moodle end users will now have the option of speech-enabling different types of textual content, without downloading any software”

This is basically an advanced reader service.

So in any CMS including Moodle, it can read all the contents present in html format.

Set up wise it is really simple, once we register for the service, we can choose the voice, language and they provide a small snippet of code or a block for moodle.

Then once it is installed in the moodle and placed in any page, it just works amazing . You can simply click on it and listen to your favorite e-learning course.

Readspeaker website –

Having the first hand experience in using this, i can tell you, its a fantastic tool to have when you plan to sell your courses across the board to various kinds of audiences. And if your content writing is super and story driven, you can easily save tons of money of voice over.

here is the screenshot from moodle




And here is a link for the free guide FREE GUIDE

So next time, you build a course, have this in mind.

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