Cloud API

            Cloud API (Application Program Interface) has emerged as one of the most important tools to provide access to data. In fact, many mobile applications depend on APIs. Therefore tech-savvy companies rely on public, private or partner APIs. Companies are planning to provide comprehensive API management solution by focusing on usage access and control and documentation. […]

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Vital LMS Facts and Figures you need to know

Blog- LMS Facts and Figures

In this article, we are sharing the vital LMS Facts and Figures that is useful for an eLearning professional to know.It is especially for those who are planning to choose a new Learning Management System. To begin with, many research studies, polls and reports give us valuable insights and forecasts about Learning Management Systems. Read along […]

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How LMS is a new platform for e-learning

LMS tracking and reporting solutions

Introduction – To begin with, the learning management system ( LMS ) is a software solution. It is especially, used for training programs, administration, tracking, reporting, documentation and educational courses.   In fact, there is increasing adoption of digital learning processes in various organisations for training and education systems. This additionally, provides immense opportunities for growth of […]

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