Moodle Case Study: Compliance Training and Reporting Tools For Health Care

Health Care Moodle Case Study


Businesses and course developers have been successful in customizing, utilizing and incorporating the Moodle learning system at different levels in their organizations over the years. What started off primarily as a student learning system has now encased itself into organizational training, support and service modules.

Moodle is the LMS of choice for companies across sectors and industries ranging from technology and automotive to healthcare and food. Training client and support modules have been developed for diverse functionalities.

Why does a business choose Moodle over other Learning Management Systems?

If you have been reading our blog, you have probably seen how Moodle enables the creation of effective training and customer support systems for businesses.

When and how does an enterprise implement a LMS in their learning, training or support initiatives?

That’s a perplexing question for many an organization.

Theory aside, what better way to show the effectiveness of Moodle as a business tool than a practical guide – a Moodle case study of a customized system developed for clients?

The Business –

A multinational health care BPO, an industry leader, with 8000 employees in its payroll and with offices in the United States, Middle East, Africa, Australia and India.

Training and Compliance Challenges –

Due to the global nature of the Healthcare BPO, the exiting system of compliance and training was chaotic. The company spent a sizable amount of money on travel for training and competency tests as it lacked single source point of access to learning material.

The large employee base brought with them diverse skills and played a wide range of roles in the organization. The reporting and tracking systems were decentralized and unable to cope with or meet the growing needs of the staff training and tracking needs.

The organization had a bulk of reference material stored in other digital media formats that wasn’t always accessible by users.

LMS Requirements –

The company required a robust, scalable and effective eLearning system with some prerequisites fulfilled.

  • A  LMS capable of handling a large number of users spread across the globe
  • An easily navigated learning system that was accessible from anywhere and by any user
  • A  learning system that delivered the required certifications and training courses to relevant users
  • A reporting and tracking system that was aligned with various functionalities and departments
  • A simple and adequate mailing system for reports connected to Outlook
  • Separate enrollment modules for the staff assigned to or working under reporting managers

Solutions Provided –

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We developed and created a specific competency training and tracking system based on these essentials using the versatile Moodle platform.

Our module developers provided the company with a centralized system of tracking reports and competency certifications. In keeping with the global nature of the enterprise, a department, location and manager centric LMS solution was created for the BPO.

Since the company required reports in addition to the ones generated by the tracking system, we created system modules for special reports such as completed reports, module based reports and 3-day reports.

As modules were needed that allowed individual reporting managers to enroll their learning staff to specific training courses or mandatory compliance lessons, we created a unique enrollment module that enabled a reporting manger to choose the staff working for him and assign them to various courses.

To address the issue of storage and easy access of reference material, that wasn’t a part of the formal training modules, a library module was provided within the system.

Accruing Benefits –

The health care BPO has seen numerous benefits after the implementation of MoodleofIndia’s customized competency training and reporting systems.

  • The rate of completion of certification modules by enrolled staff increased from 45% to 73%, resulting in better skilled employees
  • Productive time lost on account of training related meetings and the money spent on travel has been significantly reduced
  • With quicker and appropriate tracking and reporting systems in place, the managers have better control over the staff training and certification process
  • Competency based training and compliance assignments are better managed as managers share the responsibility of reporting tasks

To Sum Up

The team at MoodleofIndia has created a eLearning solution by understanding the customer’s requirements and focusing on the existing vulnerabilities in the reporting system.

To get an in depth assessment of the modules and reporting systems created for the company, download our Learning Plan Guide.


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